Donna Brazile can’t win for losing.

But in this case, she lost big and embarrassed herself in the process.

I’ll set it up for you:

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There are a lot of fake or “parody” accounts on Twitter. You see phony Chick-fil-A accounts, fake NBA teams, or players, politicians, you name it. And some of them look pretty good and it is easy to be fooled if you don’t pay attention and miss the “blue-check.”

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Well, that’s what happened to liberal hack Donna Brazile today. She happened upon a tweet from a fake “Sports Center” account that announced the New York Jets signed infamous anthem-kneeler Colin Kapernick to a 1 year/$9 million dollar deal.

Of course, that didn’t actually happen, but Donna didn’t realize that.

She quoted the tweet from the phony account and said: “Thank you New York Jets for signing this amazing athlete.”

First off, Kaepernick is not an “amazing athlete,” his stats were horrible. Second off, it’s just not true.

Brazile deleted the embarrassing tweet, but the internet is forever and we found a screenshot for you.

It’s always funny to see these smug liberals get taken down a peg or two, isn’t it?

It pays to be careful and cautious and always look for that blue check-mark before you comment on a tweet, especially if all eyes are on you, waiting for you to mess up!

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Brazile learned that the hard way – although she’s used to getting caught doing the wrong thing…

Remember when she cheated and gave Hillary the questions to the 2016 DNC primary debate?

Just a little bit of karma.


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