If you want to know the real meaning of wickedness, see how China treats Africans in their country.

I have to admit, I gave China the benefit of the doubt a while back, thinking that the news that was coming out of that country was bad propaganda, but the more I hear news like this, the more it makes me angry at the racism happening in that part of the world.

African tenants are removed from there home, rented homes they pay for, not owing, just because of their color. This is not even happening in the USA. Shame to Chinese officials for allowing this to happen.

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This is nonsensical, how can they say, Foreigners are spreading the virus, there are many Chinese in all African countries, enjoying the resources of Africa. At the same time, our fellow brothers and sisters are being harassed; China must stop such activities, it’s inhumane.

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Oh, the irony. Do you remember China’s ambassador accusing Americans of xenophobia because we identified the origin of the virus and restricted travel? They never cared.

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They just used leftist talking points against us for their gain. Now they are forcing Africans into homelessness and blaming THEM for the CCP virus?

Prayers for the well being of these African people. We should not go to overpopulated places and expect to become a part of the population when they genuinely need help. Prayers that the government should provide for them, if nothing else, just to go back home. Hear their voices. We must rise, not blend. We are a self-sustaining people who can conduct business and trade as well. I am sad. My heart is sad.

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