Democrats and their cohorts in the fake news media have been pushing a new narrative that President Trump’s “slow response” to the Coronavirus has caused this pandemic to be worse.

That’s laughable.

While the Democrats were distracted by a sham impeachment and wasted time and resources on a makeshift coup, President Trump was focused on Coronavirus. He created a task force to combat the virus and halted flights from China while Dems and media pushed another phony witch hunt.

But regardless of that truth Dems and media continue to push the false message that President Trump was “slow to respond.”

The truth of the matter is that Congress was distracted by the impeachment and China was busy lying and hiding the data on the virus from the world, so of course, that placed us as a disadvantage. It placed the whole world behind the 8-ball.

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And once again, Dr. Faux and Dr. Brix are having to set the lying media straight. Sadly, setting the media straight is an endless job the duo are forced to do almost daily.

The two experts told the media it was not “Trump” who was slow to start anything – it was China who deceived the world.

Period and end of story.

Members of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force tried relentlessly Monday to explain to the stubborn media that the blame for the government’s “delayed” response to the crisis lies squarely with China and its communist government.

The explanations were prompted by questions from chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta, who along with his cohorts at CNN have tried repeatedly to pin the blame for the global coronavirus crisis on the president, despite evidence to the contrary.

After National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci revealed that current coronavirus models predict a total of 100,000 to 240,000 Americans will die before the crisis abates, Acosta predictably asked whether the model would have predicted fewer deaths had the government taken mitigation efforts earlier.

Fauci responded by pointing out that mitigation efforts couldn’t have been pursued any earlier because nobody had even been aware of the virus’s impacts precisely because the Communist Party of China had succeeded in hiding these impacts from the world.

In fact, China continues to hide data from the world. [Bizpacreview]

Ironically, the same media attacking President Trump are also supporting communist China and doing their bidding for them and providing cover.

That is what you call foreign interference – and even worse, the monsters our media is protecting are responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans.


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