Facebook routinely deletes conservative content and freezes our accounts. I wonder how long it will take to shut down China? (rhetorical question alert).

It seems that Facebook has allowed China to skirt around their guidelines in producing ads, to blame Pres. Trump for the Wuhan coronavirus. Facebook said in a statement that it was an “error” that the ads were not classified as political and is correcting them. Do you believe that?

Wasn’t the Russia hoax about them trying to influence the elections through their social media posts? Is this not China trying to influence the elections through their social media posts? Guess they got to protect their “investment”…Quid Pro Joe, Marxist Sanders or Billary…or any number of Democrats in their pocket.

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Chinese state media is flooding Facebook and Instagram with undisclosed political adverts whitewashing its role in the coronavirus pandemic and pinning blame on Donald Trump.

Three official news outlets – Xinhua, China Central Television and the Global Times – have targeted users across the world with promoted stories in English, Chinese and Arabic.

The ads, seen millions of times, extolled China’s efforts against Covid-19, downplayed its domestic outbreak, depicted Mr Trump as misguided and racist, and suggested that the virus might have originated in the US.

Yet all of them initially ran without a political disclaimer, allowing them to hide information about who they were targeting and sometimes letting them sidestep Facebook’s strict rules on political advertising…. [Telegraph.UK]

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If you tell a lie long enough, it will eventually get adopted as true. Ultimately, Trump and America will be blamed for the coronavirus. Besides, our media and the Democrat party will join with China blaming Trump and the U.S. for the virus.

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Facebook and Twitter only acknowledge the “error” after the check for the ads has cleared the bank. Zuckerberg and his cronies can’t be trusted to do the right thing without a profit being involved, and it supports the Democrats 99.98% of the time.

We are at war with China. They have said that they are war with us. It is time we get our heads out of our backsides and realize this. What if China deliberately released this virus, while having a vaccine that they haven’t disclosed?

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Is it a coincidence that there are over 100,000 Chinese in Northern Italy, many from Wuhan? In California and N.Y., there are tons of Chinese. The Chinese knew people would come to China for Chinese New Year and knew that they would return home. They knew about the virus much, much earlier. So did they deliberately infect people? Why isn’t Beijing reeling from coronavirus? How is it that the Chinese economy hasn’t crashed?

No matter what, they say, they can’t change the fact that they allowed their infected Chinese workers to travel to Italy, thus starting the snowball effect throughout the world. Most rational people understand that the Chinese are responsible, and no amount of smoke and mirrors can change that fact.

Once this is under control, the response is simple. No more interest payment on the U.S. debt China holds. Erase the principal entirely. This still won’t compensate for the damage they’ve caused, but it will destroy them. And that couldn’t happen to a nicer group of tyrants.



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