Incarceration has hampered Michael Avenatti’s 2020 presidential run. He needs to get out and talk to people and shake some hands to get his campaign back on track!

Michael Avenatti, a disgraced lawyer who was sent to jail for trying to extort Nike may be temporarily released from a New York federal detention center where he’s awaiting sentencing. The conditions of his release are if he tests negative for COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Had he been a Republican, the headlines would read: ‘Once Republican Candidate, Avenatti cites coronavirus threat in seeking jail release.’ How soon they forget all the free airtime and free press from Yahoo/PravdaUS/HuffPost.

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Why does a convicted felon get special treatment? He placed himself where he is, so now let him take his chances just like the rest of the world. He sure doesn’t deserve a quarantine in some luxury place where his meals are delivered to him.

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He will continue his criminal behaviors, just wait and see.

“If the defendant is found to be exhibiting symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or is confirmed to have COVID-19, the defendant shall not be released to the public because of the danger the defendant poses to the community,” District Court Judge James Selma said in a release order.

After a 14-day quarantine at a federal facility, Avenatti would be released on a $1 million bond to the custody of a childhood friend in Los Angeles for 90 days and must shelter in place, the order said. The friend could be held in contempt of court if Avenatti violates the terms of his release.

Avenatti also would be required to wear a location monitoring bracelet.

Avenatti was convicted in February of trying to extort Nike and in the last month, his lawyers have been pushing for his release amid the virus pandemic.

A March court motion requesting home confinement for Avenatti said he was particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus in part because his cellmate was removed from his cell due to flu-like symptoms. [FoxNews]

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Here’s an idea, why not just put him in solitary confinement then if he is worried about getting sick. He should not have special treatment, and he should not be let out of jail while waiting for possible decades behind bars. This whole story is ridiculous.

If this is allowed to happen, it would be a disgrace, and the Judge should be investigated. Check his financial records if you have to. Avanetti stole millions from clients and promoted false information with the help of the AT&T/CNN Extremist Bri Bri Steltzer, who should be sharing a cell with him.

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