China is starting to return to normalcy slowly but surely, but what I heard from my daughter on Friday afternoon, I had to go and research for myself.

My daughter told me there was a video out there showing how Chinese do not want black Americans in their country. I am positive they don’t speak for the entire country, but to watch the video below sent a few emotions through me.

Racism is usually spread from parents to children, and when no one teaches the child anything about stopping racism, they become bad seeds. Racism comes from an individual’s heart, especially when someone has a history with a person from another race. So it all depends on your experience with another race.

I also came across this video from a couple of years ago, and it makes sense.

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The black man probably didn’t know he was being exchanged for an Asian man. Advertisers sometimes don’t tell you the full extent of the commercial. They just tell you how to act in that specific moment. I’ve shot a commercial before. They gave us minimal information. I’m assuming he didn’t know he was going to be replaced by an Asian man/.

I would like to see what you think about this with your comments.


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