Amazon has been cracking down on third-party companies selling counterfeit products.

Due to more Americans staying and working from home, the amount of online retail deliveries are bound to increase in demand. Now is probably the worst time for people to receive knock-off goods in the place of legitimate products. The world of e-commerce is a wild world with complicated rules to abide by.

Although there are some fairly simple guidelines that, when followed, make everybody’s lives easier.  Nobody wants to be worried about spending good money online and then getting a cheap knock off in place of what they purchased.

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Based on a CNET report Amazon has been making an apparent effort to decrease the number of counterfeit goods sold on its platform. So far, they have invested $400 million in order to further their progress.

“This past January, we committed to reporting all confirmed counterfeiters to law enforcement to help them build stronger criminal cases that can hold counterfeiters accountable,” the statement reads. “We are actively fighting bad actors and protecting our store and we will continue to work with brands, government officials and law enforcement.”

Yet, a more elegant and reliable solution already exists today. Blockchains’ innate immutability can help ensure products can be tracked and monitored as they travel along supply chains, no matter how many stops it made on its way to store shelves. There are a number of projects that have had some success in combating fraud.[Decrypt}

“We need to call on all of these platforms to step up,” David Friedman, vice president of advocacy at Consumer Reports, told lawmakers. “They are investing effectively pennies when they should be investing dollars in informing consumers, getting these products off their platforms and putting their consumers instead of their profits first.” [CNET]

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Amazon will now be liable for counterfeit products sold on its site. So far, over a million fake products have been removed from the Amazon store; this includes falsely advertised products that claim to be the cure for the coronavirus.

Many solutions have been proposed, but one that seems to be the most effective is blockchain. In this simplest terms, blockchain is a system that can’t be edited and could accurately gather info on products that aren’t want to be sold on the market. While Amazon already has something similar to this, the project has not seen much usage and still needs further development.

You would think that solving this problem would be as simple as checking reviews. I haven’t personally run into the issue of fraud products on Amazon, or at least I don’t think I have. Whit that being said, I had received some products that were quick to disappoint.

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A vast majority of my experiences with this retail tycoon has involved a ton of research on my part. If I can’t find a decent amount of people saying good things about a product, I’m turning the other way.

Alternatively, I also check low ratings just to see how bad a product could possibly be, and then I let my gut do the rest of the thinking.



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