A Michigan nursing home patient, LouAnn Dagen, 66, reportedly asked her Amazon Echo smart speaker for help dozens of times before she died from COVID-19 (coronavirus). She was one of 36 people who tested positive for coronavirus as part of an outbreak at a Cedar Springs nursing home.

It’s pretty serious when you’re in a “Nursing Home,” and the nurses don’t come to check on you for more than four days. In Michigan, with a Democrat Governor, maybe Michiganders (?) need to change the party they prefer to lead them.

For those of us with older parents — the lesson for me has been to keep our aging parents out of nursing homes. It’s just not a good place for our older parents to go anymore — you’re not well taken care of. I’m sure there are exceptions. Just a general observation for me right now. This virus is definitely taking out the weak in our society. That is one of mother nature’s primary principles.

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In another recording, Dagen reportedly attempted to ask the device how to reach local law enforcement.

“How do I get to the police?” she said.

The station reported there were roughly 40 similar records over the final three or four days of her life.

Penny said Dagen had been short of breath early last week — a symptom of the virus — before she started showing signs of dehydration on Thursday.

Dagen’s oxygen and blood pressure dropped Saturday morning, prompting the nursing home to send her to the emergency room, her sister told the station. The medical examiner’s office said her death was related to preexisting conditions of diabetes and hypertension, as well as “coronavirus infection.” [Fox News]

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Well, now we can see what a real biological weapon would look like. Contagious as heck, asymptomatic for days, undetected, get you sick, and kills a lot of people.

I’m sure it can be engineered to do even more damage like seizures attack the nervous system and still be stealthy for a week before making you sick. So one well distributed biological weapon can sort of cripple a country.

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This one took out an aircraft carrier, who knows how many troops caught this, many many doctors nurses police and fire and transit people and food distribution. This was not a biological weapon, but now we see how nasty such a weapon could be.

I feel so bad for her that she lived in a state that banned the use of Trump’s drug recommendation that most likely would have saved her life. Are the people that stupid that live there not to try this no dangerous drug that has been used for 65 years with no lethal side effects.

Poor lady, my heart goes out to her and her family. How sad, Lord watch over her and her family. My condolences to the family.



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