It would be better for Joe Biden and the rest of the country if he just went back into hiding.

After ducking for cover for several days, Biden had remerged trying to look like the “strong” commander type and it’s just not working out very well.

His live-stream Coronavirus address was a disaster, filled with brain-freezes and confusion…you know, “the usual.”

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Then, earlier today he was on The View, discussing Coronavirus, touching his face, and putting his fingers in his mouth – all things the CDC tells you NOT to do.

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And if that was not bad enough, now he appears with Jake Tapper on CNN and is hacking up a lung.

Approximately 1 minute after Biden said he had not been tested for COVID-19, Biden lets out a really deep, and rumbly-sounding cough…right into his hand…another thing the CDC has repeatedly asked people NOT to do.

Tapper gently scolds Biden, telling him he should cough INTO his elbow and shows him how.

Biden then lies, and says that he’s “alone” in his house.


Really, Joe?

Did he set up the entire TV remote interview by himself?  He got all the wires connected and rigged all the lighting and he was running the camera himself too?

This man is an incompetent, dangerous liar.

You can watch the video below:

If there’s one thing we can say about the Coronavirus is that it has shown us that we simply can’t allow someone like Joe, without the ability to think on his feet, anywhere near the White House.


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