Trump is just absolutely savage.

He completely obliterated this reporter who repeatedly misquoted him by saying that Trump was forcing governors to worship at his feet by saying “I want them to be appreciative of me.”

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That, however, is #FakeNews as they’re cutting off the main part of Trump’s statement where he follows up and says he wants governors to be appreciative of not just him, but Pence, the COVID-19 task force, etc.

What a weasel, right?

You can’t just cherry-pick a statement just so it suits your narrative, that’s textbook #FakeNews.

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Watch the video:

Twitter users were just as annoyed with this reporter and his shifty ways:

“Ban that reporter. He is wasting everyone’s time.”

“I gotta give this to Trump. The Reporter tried to take the sentence out of context, and once the quote was fully read, you get the truth.”

It would be a nice if CNN or you would actually print the entire quote instead of being grossly dishonest by quoting only a few words. #FakeNewsMedia

“and then when he read it – guess what, it wasn’t the same thing – totally different meaning. he was a douche – the reporter that is.”

Seriously, this reporter is the main reason why Americans distrust the media.

They’re constantly twisting Trump’s words in order to make him look like some kind of deranged leader.

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