The United States Surgeon General has had enough of the pandamonium our media is creating around the coronavirus.

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During today’s White House Press Conference, Surgeon General Jerome Adams ripped into reporters, slamming them for their finger-pointing and partisanship around their coverage of the COVID-19 virus.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams ripped into reporters during a White House press conference, telling them they should stop blaming the Trump administration for their response to the coronavirus outbreak.

“We really need you all to lean into and prioritize the health and safety of the American people,” Adams said at the Saturday press conference. “No more bickering. No more partisanship. No more criticism or finger-pointing.”

The comment comes as the United States remains far behind many other countries in testing response. Top infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci admitted America was “failing” when it came to coronavirus testing.

“The system does not — is not really geared to what we need right now — what you are asking for. That is a failing. It is a failing. Let’s admit it,” he told lawmakers earlier this week.

The U.S. has so far had over 2,300 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, along with at least 50 deaths. [Washington Examiner]


Thank goodness we have a common sense Surgeon General to call out the media on their crazed coverage.

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Otherwise, our news channels would be non-stop, back-to-back coronavirus coverage.

Placing blame on President Trump whenever they can.

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