The Senate Dems are playing games with American lives.

They blocked the Coronavirus relief efforts to help scared and struggling Americans and Mitch McConnell is “pissed.”

CNN reporter Phil Mattingly took to Twitter where he shared his observation about the Senate Majority Leader right after the bill was blocked by Senate Democrats.

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A staff writer for The Hill called McConnell “irate.”

McConnell then took to the floor where he aired his anger at Democrats who would rather play politics than help struggling American families. McConnell warned Dems that another vote was coming and they better fall in line.

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“We’ll have this cloture vote again at some point of my choosing, and hopefully some adults will show up on the other side of the room and understand the gravity of the situation…”

In the meantime, people are outraged beyond belief that the Dems would pull a stunt like this.

Ask yourself this…would Dems have blocked this bill if it was some kind of “relief” for illegal aliens?

These globalists absolutely hate the American worker.

Folks, as much as you hate to see it or say it, this virus is officially “political.”


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