The scene unfolding in the Senate right now is wild. Moderates like Susan Collins are actually getting in Schumer’s face and Senator Tom Cotton is swearing.

The report comes to use from PBS correspondent Lisa Desjardins.

She recapped what happened on the Senate floor, saying the chamber has “boiled over.”

The melee is due to the Dems blocking the Coronavirus relief package that would have helped scared and struggling Americans because they want to add things like “solar tax credits” and “lower airline fuel emissions” to the bill.

MORE NEWS: Report: Pelosi and Schumer Blocked Payments to Struggling American Families Over “Wind and Solar Tax Credits”

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I will share her tweets; as she is the only reporter that was in the chamber when all of this went down.

“As the only reporter in the Senate chamber for all that – let me just say WOW. I’ve seen a lot, never seen anything quite like that. Need to send notes to my newsroom, etc. Then will tweet more.”

She then goes on to report:

Senate chamber boils over.

– Sen. Collins asked to speak, Schumer objected.
– Sen. Cotton shouted, “C’mon”, “This is bullshit!”
– Collins walked thru her row to Schumer – stood a foot or so away, finger pointed, exclaimed, “you are objecting to my speaking? This is appalling!”

“2/ – Republicans were now nearly all standing, loudly voicing anger. – Schumer was trying to sort out, with his staff, how to communicate what he was doing. (He wanted to ask about schedule and offer some votes but notably seems he had not signaled that to the GOP beforehand).”

“3/ – Sen. Cotton, standing near the well, presses the point and in an oddly “I am Spartacus!” moment, asks to speak himself. – Schumer: objection. – Sen. Cassidy is now Spartacus, asks to speak. – Schumer: objection.”

“4/ Schumer is finally able to communicate he wants to ask about the question and move some voice votes. McConnell, there w/ no staff next to him, slows it down and seems he had no warning of Schumer’s move. So on the fly they agree to two voice votes and an hour of debate.”

We’ve never seen anything like this happen in America. These are scary times as it is. What makes this scarier is that Dems are now using this as a power-grab to take control. They’ve gone 100% “political.”

Folks, gear up for our biggest fight yet.

Stay safe and be diligent.


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