CNN pundit and failed former Republican strategist Rick Wilson tweeted out his wish that Melania Trump contracts Coronavirus.

Mr. Wilson, who is a laughingstock among serious political pundits quoted a tweet about Melania working on national public service announcements on containing the Coronavirus.

His response was #BeInfected, a jab at Melania’s #BeBest program and a clear “wish” that she takes ill from the disease.

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The backlash against the creepy little pundit was swift and unrelenting.

“You’re a really a disgusting person Rick. I know a lot of people have said it but it’s true. You should really start going by the name Dick, it suits you more than the name Rick does… You’ll never let go of your bitterness that Trump won. It’s truly pitiful.”

“Wow! You appear on many cable stations? Do they condone?:

“Delete this, Americans are dying.”

“Rick, you look like a testicle”

“Just in case he deletes it”

“This is garbage, and you are a grown ass adult who should know better.”

“CNN & MSNBC commentator wishing the first lady gets infected with the Corona virus. The vile hatred of these people knows no bounds. They are evil”

‘Amazing how people who hate Trump because he’s vulgar and uncivil are always the ones coming up with comments like this”

“Not remotely surprised that the worst person on twitter is tweeting the worst thing on twitter”

“This is the most insidious & hateful rhetoric of anyone who exists in political punditry. Rick Wilson is wishing Coronavirus on Melania Trump. It doesn’t matter if the wish is aimed at a First Lady, or a doctor, a teacher, a policewoman. It is despicable. He deserves no platform.”

Wilson later tried to walk back his comments and claim he wasn’t actually wishing “coronavirus” on the FLOTUS and you’re “stupid” if you thought he was.

“ANYONE who thought I was wishing COVID on Melania is fuckwit. You know full well it was a riff on “BeBest” and it’s utter failure in the face of her husband’s continued role as Global Troll in Chief and National Bully. That said, fap to your fake-ass outrage all you like.”

Dan Bongino had a great story about the weak and cowardly Rick Wilson.

“He’s panicking. He’s lamely trying to put on his man-face here but this loser is the biggest coward in the business. He nearly shit himself when I approached him in the Delta Terminal at LaGuardia Airport. His putrid face turned white as a ghost.”

These people who call President Trump so vile and nasty, are among the vilest and nastiest people around.

Will CNN continue to pay this loser to be a pundit? Will Mr. “Principled” Don Lemon bring him back on his show to mock and make fun of “hillbilly” Trump supporters again?

Probably. These smug globalist elites have no shame and no class whatsoever.


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