I am a huge Trump supporter, but I think he is making a mistake here.

Even given what he believes, I think the smartest approach would be to say we will keep the restriction in place until the end of May. Then we will see where we are at in terms of cases, a vaccine, cases around the world, and the impact of warmer weather. The reality is as it stands now, even without the Federal guidelines, most people will remain pretty hunkered down.

I know the election is around the corner, and the economy doesn’t look good right now, but it’s not because of him. It’s because of the uncertainty of a virus fix. As you have seen, the Federal Reserve has pumped many fixes, and nothing seems to work. It’s not about the banks and businesses, it’s about the virus and the fix, in my opinion.

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I wouldn’t mind if the lockdown were lifted if there were enough ventilators and respirators in place. Then I could see a positive outcome as we wait for a vaccine. Did you notice that other countries were starting to lockdown if they weren’t already?

Trump is laying the groundwork for sending people back to work and telling them not to worry about this virus. It is not just about how many have it now and how many have died; it is also about how many could get it and what that would mean.

Short term thinking here is not the way to go. Out of the 100,000 that have recovered, there have also been over 16,000 deaths; and this is just getting started.

Get the necessary equipment, lift the lockdown, and then get the vaccine out to anyone and everyone who needs it is my thinking.


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