Man, Pelosi has really got some nerve.

Not only is she throwing stonewall after stonewall in the COVID-19 bill, but she also blatantly lying about doing so.

During an interview with CNN, Pelosi actually stated that nothing in Democrats far-left COVID-19 bill was unrelated to the virus.

Really Nancy?

How is the Kennedy Center related to coronavirus?

Do you think Coronavirus is being politicized by the Dems?

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Watch the video:

RELATED: Report: Pelosi’s Eleventh Hour ‘List of Demands’ is What Prevented the Virus Bill From Being Passed

Pelosi earlier this week actually prevented the bill from passing when she had a last-minute “wish list,” filled with all sorts of outlandish demands.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is reportedly why Democrats suddenly opposed an emergency coronavirus relief bill that had bipartisan support in the Senate.

According to Ben Williamson, the chief of staff for Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), Pelosi returned to Washington, D.C., on Sunday with a wish list of sudden demands, striking down the bipartisan agreement made by the Senate.

“Senate spends all weekend negotiating a bipartisan deal. Agreement reached. Pelosi flies in from California, whips out her unrelated ‘wishlist,’ and says no. Senate Democrats then vote against proceeding on a bill they negotiated. Jaw dropping,” Williamson explained.  [The Blaze]

She’s a real piece of work.

How anyone can buy what this loon is talking about is beyond me.

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