On Tuesday, Pastor Tony Spell, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, held a service for 400 people at his Apostolic Life Tabernacle Church. He also held a service on Sunday, where he had 1,000 people show up.

Spell’s decision to hold services disregarded a state-wide order not to hold gatherings larger than 50 people and genuinely find it difficult to understand why a man of the cloth would risk his congregation. As a man of faith and a man of science, I feel God gave us the brains and this lovely, complicated universe to work a lot out on our own.

God made us intelligent. Prayer and faith alone will not fix this. Prayer is powerful. Faith is a fantastic human quality. But science is what will save us this time.

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The Life Tabernacle Church hosted 1,825 people at their Sunday morning service. 26 buses were used to pick people up from around the Baton Rouge area and transport them to Sunday service.

Pastor Tony Spell says the way to handle a pandemic is through the healing hand of Jesus. That is our command, they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.

Social distancing did not happen at the service, held outside. All 1,825 people were spread across the campuses seven buildings. Throughout the service parishioners could be seen touching each other and closely gathering, very few wearing masks or gloves.

Spell says if anyone in his congregation contracts covid-19 he will heal them through God. “I’m going to address that by laying hands on them and praying for them and depending on God to heal their body,” Spell said. [NBC4I]

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In China, they’re arresting people who even go to the parks by themselves. They are facing up to (7) years in prison. Just a heads up, other countries could start doing this.

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My mom told me her church was temporarily closed. We know that we have a right to meet, and the government should not interfere. But the President and the Governor both banned large assemblies, and we should obey. First, it is for our health and others we come in contact with. And it does not interfere with worship that much as we most all have computers and watch sermons, etc. via the internet.

If anyone gets the virus from these services, they are not allowed to seek medical help or must pay out of pocket for all expenses. All Governors should make this announcement, and you’ll see all the services stop.

Not one of these people should be allowed anywhere near medical services when they get sick. Let them keep their church open, but force every parishioner to go there when they get sick for treatment. I am tired of the hypocrisy, and I am tired of paying for these people.



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