Nancy Pelosi has been sitting pretty in her progressive district of San Fransisco without a care in the world for the past 30-years.

Nobody has ever really “challenged” her seat – sure, she’s had fluff-challengers but nobody who could actually beat her.

Until now…

For the first time in 30 years, Nancy Pelosi is facing a genuine liberal challenger who plans to take her House seat.

His name is Shahid Buttar and he’s a hardcore progressive activist and attorney, and he just advanced to the general election.

Here’s how things work in Pelosi’s district:

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Last night Pelosi took 72.5 percent of the vote in California’s 12th Congressional District.

However, under the state’s primary system, the top two vote-getters in the primary make it to the general election, even if they’re in the same party.

Buttar’s 12.7 percent was enough to get him on the November ballot.

Buttar is very different from the others who’ve run against Pelosi…He’s the “future” of the Democrat Party. He’s the “AOC” type; a radical young progressive with big socialist plans.

He’s different from AOC (and Pelosi) because he’s an articulate speaker. He’s an established attorney and a well-known progressive activist and he’s a person of color – something white liberals absolutely love.

This is Pelosi’s worst nightmare come true…at a time when the “old guard” in the Democrat Party is being dismissed by the younger progressives as “outdated establishment” and her leadership has come under question, after the disastrous impeachment sham.

Not to mention, Trump has broken her into a million little pieces:

This guy is gunning for Pelosi and he’s gonna hit her where she’s most vulnerable – on the homeless crisis and her mishandling of President Trump.

Buttar is a constitutional lawyer who has dedicated his career on reining in American militarism and advancing causes relating to social justice. As a part-time DJ, Buttar may appear at face value as just another reflexive left-wing activist, but he is well-credentialed with a track record in advocacy and community organizing. A graduate of Stanford Law School, Buttar worked on court cases litigating marriage equality and defending the civil liberties of Muslims facing FBI surveillance, and has challenged the constitutionality of the USA PATRIOT Act.

Currently on leave from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Buttar has waged an insurgent effort, campaigning on a promise to ensure that Pelosi faces bonafide electoral opposition from the left for the first time in modern history. The seemingly quixotic bid has given Buttar the opportunity to elevate genuine concerns with Pelosi’s style of leadership, including her compromise bill on drug pricing, which would only impact a few select pharmaceutical products, her support for President Donald Trump’s increased spending on the Pentagon, and what Buttar describes as a failure to fight for federal financing to alleviate the housing crisis in San Francisco and other cities.

[The Intercept]

This is what Pelosi was trying to avoid when she caved to #TheSquad and went ahead with the disastrous impeachment sham. She hoped to stave off any progressive challengers in her district if she bowed to AOC and her minions.

But even after destroying her own political legacy with that silly impeachment sham, she is still facing a hardcore and hungry progressive.

The Dems are eating their own. Isn’t it delicious to watch?


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