At first, I thought that liberals must have as bad a memory problem as Joe Biden and can’t remember that since the beginning three months ago, the disease was called the Wuhan Coronavirus. Still, then I realized that they simply weren’t paying attention.

You see, as Pres. Trump was busy taking action to protect them; they were too busy with impeachment to be concerned with anything so trivial as a worldwide pandemic.

Leave it to the liberal media to attempt to cause further divisiveness in this country when we all should be uniting behind the President during this crisis regardless of how you might otherwise feel about him.

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It is common to call or name after where it originated or where it was discovered. For example, there is the Hong Kong Flu, Asian Flu, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrom, and African Sleeping Sickness. NOT EVERYTHING IS RACIST!

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Was anyone else considered to be racist because they portrayed an accurate description of what was happening and from where? Seventeen (17) other diseases named after populations or places:

  • West Nile Virus — Named after the West Nile District of Uganda discovered in 1937.
  • Guinea Worm — Named by European explorers for the Guinea coast of West Africa in the 1600s.
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever — Named after the mountain range spreading across western North America first recognized in 1896 in Idaho.
  • Lyme Disease — Named after a massive outbreak of the disease occurred in Lyme and Old Lyme, Connecticut in the 1970s.
  • Ross River Fever — Named after a mosquito found to cause the disease in the Ross River of Queensland, Australia, by the 1960s. The first major outbreak occurred in 1928.
  • Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever — Named after its 1940s discovery in Omsk, Russia.
  • Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever — Named in 1976 for the Ebola River in Zaire located in central Africa.
  • Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) — Also known as “camel flu,” MERS was first reported in Saudi Arabia in 2012, and all cases are linked to those who traveled to the Middle Eastern peninsula.
  • Valley Fever — Valley Fever earned its nickname from a 1930s outbreak San Joaquin Valley of California, though its first case came from Argentina.
  • Marburg Virus Disease — Named after Marburg, Germany, in 1967.
  • Norovirus — Named after Norwalk, Ohio, after an outbreak in 1968.
  • Zika Fever — First discovered in 1947 and named after the Zika Forest in Uganda.
  • Japanese Encephalitis — Named after its first case in Japan in 1871.
  • German Measles — Named after the German doctors who first described it in the 18th century. The disease is also sometimes referred to as “Rubella.”
  • Spanish Flu — While the true origins of the Spanish Flu remain unknown, the disease earned its name after Spain began to report deaths from the Flu in its newspapers.
  • Lassa Fever — Named after the being found in Lassa, Nigeria, in 1969.
  • Legionnaire’s Disease — Named in 1976 following an outbreak of people contracting the lung infection after attending an American Legion convention in Philadelphia.

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It originated in China. I don’t consider it offensive if it was called the Wuhan virus, from where it originated.

While calling a virus by a name based on where it started is slang (just like the Spanish Flu that killed millions around 1918…and by the way, it turns out it may not have started in Spain!) and is not the correct medical term COVID-19, it is not racist or xenophobic unless meant to be so by the speaker or writer.

I see nothing racist or wrong in calling it the Wuhan virus, or I prefer the Wuhan bat virus because even the Chinese authorities admit that the first infections found in humans stemmed from the sale of butchered bats (bats are notorious for carrying diseases). Another wild animal sold in so-called wet markets in Wuhan…which markets were shut down quickly by the Chinese government as was the entire big city of Wuhan.

Globalism and sensitivity have robbed us of our sovereignty, and it needs to end. Pres. Trump has every right to forbid trade with China on national security and public health grounds, and I hope he does it. The worst thing this country ever did is join the World Trade Organization and give away our manufacturing in the name of big profits.

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