The left has truly lost all morality.

Ever since “My Pillows” Mike Lindell decided to utilize 75% of his company to produce thousands of medical masks liberals have just been losing their minds.

God forbid the man try to lend a helping hand during this crisis right?

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But what really ruffled the left’s feathers was when Lindell said during his White House speech that families should pray and turn to God during these troubling times.

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Many liberal “blue checks” took to Twitter to voice their hatred for Lindell and his faith:


Well, this brazen use of God clearly got the left upset, but no one was more upset than CNN’s own bitter betty, Jim Acosta, who is accusing Lindell of using this crisis as a PR stunt.

Well, Lindell hit back immediately, specifically taking aim at Acosta:

“This isn’t a political thing,” Lindell said Tuesday on Fox Business. “We’ve gotta get back to God and pray. … I’m so thankful everybody from all walks of life and all sides of the political aisle did get behind it against this, this evil media that’s out there. … I don’t even know why they do that. I can’t explain it. I don’t know Jim Acosta. I’ve never met him before.” [Washington Examiner]

Good for Mike!

The media needs a swift kick in the rear for this disgusting attack against him and his faith.

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