Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has thrown down the gauntlet with those who don’t want to follow stay-in-home directions from the city officials, so he’s taking it a step further.

After the death of a teenager due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus), Garcetti wants the people under his jurisdiction to follow the rules, or he’s going to turn off services to non-essential businesses.

The problem is a lot of people are not taking this seriously. If the virus hasn’t affected them, then it’s nothing more than the superflu that won’t hurt them. Spring break is an example! And now a lot of those invincible kids are getting sick.

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti opened his daily briefing Tuesday recognizing what may have been the first teenage COVID-19 death in L.A. County and went on to announce actions against nonessential businesses that don’t close and a new portal for recruiting medics.

The mayor went on to announce the “business ambassadors program” — an effort to get nonessential businesses to close.

“This behavior is irresponsible and selfish,” he said of those that remain open.

He said the Department of Water and Power will shut off services for the businesses that don’t comply with the “safer at home” ordinance.

Neighborhood prosecutors will implement safety measures and will contact the businesses before issuing further action, according to Garcetti.

“The easiest way to avoid a visit is to follow the rules,” he said. [KTLA]

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I’m beginning to think Americans will only recover our freedom from house arrest and forced unemployment when we decide to treat those spreading the hysteria as domestic enemies. The good news is that they are pretty much the same people spreading “climate change” hysteria so that it would be a twofer.

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Nothing I’ve ever seen has disturbed me as much as the way the people of this country went on a spending binge, crowding en mass, and no doubt spreading the disease that caused their panic in the first place, to buy toilet paper, cleaners and canned goods for the last two wks from retailers. So easily controlled, so easily manipulated. So easily scared into a panic.

The utterly crazy conspiracy theories ranging on the left, that Trump will declare martial law, to the right that this was an attack by the deep state. Freedom of speech, freedom of information may not be the blessing bequeathed upon us, that we all thought it was if the general population is too stupid to discern the difference between fact and fiction or are so easily led by panicking alarmist on social media.

The fact that they are all allowed to vote scares the hell out of me.



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