There’s something seriously wrong with Joe Biden.

He can’t speak, he can’t remember names, dates, places, or where he is or what he’s doing, which is bad enough and should totally eliminate him from running for any office.

But there’s something even more concerning going on with Sleepy Creepy Joe…he’s lashing out at voters all across the country on a regular basis.

He can’t control his emotions.

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During an auto plant tour in Michigan, Joe ran into a pro-gun voter and of course…right on cue…Joe snaps and loses his cool.

He even tells the voter that he’s “full of shit,” and threatened to slap the voter in the face. Not to mention, he also called it an AR-14.

You can watch the video below:


Here’s a guy calling for the “divisiveness” and “mean stuff” to end, while he’s running around the country berating voters, poking them in the chest, and yelling at them. ALL THE TIME.

How on earth does that jive? He’s the meanest and most ornery person around.


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