Pelosi is an absolute mess.

Her slurring and stammering have always been an issue, but during a recent press conference on coronavirus she could barely sputter out a simple sentence.

She appeared to be losing control of her dentures.

Much like old Uncle Joe Biden.

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James Woods was quick to share this humiliating video of Pelosi, adding his signature biting wit to his post.

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Seriously, these people have no business critiquing Trump on his response to the virus when they can’t even form a coherent sentence on the matter.

The other comments on Wood’s post were just as brutal.

Here are some of the most notable ones:

“Her own teeth can’t stand what she’s saying..”

“You pegged her right perfect image You went savage on her Good for you someone must glad I think the teeth are going to come popping out at some point or there’s something maybe wrong with her jaw not sure but something isn’t working in conjunction with the other”

“TY for putting into PERFECT words how I feel about these Democrats. If their recent actions don’t convince u that they would SACRIFICE American’s lives in their THIRST for POWER, then nothing will. We will get through this..but these VILE politicians must b held ACCOUNTABLE!!!”

Per usual, James Woods hit the nail on the head.

Woods always does such an amazing job of exposing Democrats for the

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