You don’t want to get on the wrong side of actor James Woods. He will slice and dice you into bite-sized cubes and eat you alive – CNN reporter Oliver Darcy found that out the hard way.

It all started when Oliver Darcy hopped on Twitter to bellyache and complain that President Trump disparaged CNN, NYT, and PBS, will heaping praise of a “fringe cable channel.”

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He was, of course, referring to conservative cable news network OANN and what happened during yesterday’s Coronavirus briefing – more of the same media “gotcha questions” and President Trump defending himself against the hostile, angry media.

Here’s what Darcy said: To summarize: Amid a global pandemic killing thousands of Americans, Trump disparaged CNN, NYT, and PBS at his press conference, while saving his praise for a fringe cable channel that peddles right-wing conspiracy theories.

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Right-wing conspiracy theories huh? Like the Russian conspiracy that CNN peddled for 4 years?

However, leave it conservative actor James Woods to take 100 steps further and serve up a plate of utter “humiliation” to Darcy and his pathetic joke of a cable news network.

Woods reminded Darcy of his network affiliation with convicted felon Michael Avenatti in the most brutal fashion ever.

Here’s what Woods said: You work for the network that featured Michael Avenatti 59 times in two months, correct?

And then he added the hashtag #CNNFakeNews as one final dig.

We love it! It’s always important to push back every time these media goons attack President Trump.

And we’re all being kept extra bust lately, as the fake news media is really ramping up to use Coronakvirus as a political weapon to use against President Trump.


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