I was watching a video from the Mayors or Italy and they are beside themselves because citizens are rebelling against coronavirus lockdown restraints. These people don’t even care as they are also being fined thousands of dollars.

The truth is, Italy’s coronavirus lockdowns won’t work, and neither will America’s. We are not locking down enough people. It’s so sad. Wait a week, and the video coming out of American hospitals will look like the American Horror Show.

Northern Italy got hammered for many reasons: 1) over 300k Chinese nationals living there; 2) Chinese owned factories in that region has flights going to a from China constantly; 3) Regions has a high number of geriatrics; 4) terrible socialized medicine.

Here’s an easy fix. They just need to allow people to get the virus and let it run its course. The people who live will start fresh and rebuild the country.

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Most Italians are respecting the drastic containment measures. Many are now entering their second or third week of complete isolation, leaving their homes only to buy food. But Attilio Fontana, the governor of Lombardia, the worst-hit region, told Italian newspaper Corriere that he’s still seeing too many people outside. “On one hand, I see people going out for strolls, on the other, I see people who can’t breathe anymore.”

Over the past two weeks, authorities have caught more than 100,000 people outside for no good reason, or lying on their forms. On Tuesday (March 24), the government debated increasing the fines to between €500 and €4,000 ($540 and $4300).

Public and official anger towards rule breakers is growing. In Turin, some are photographing or harassing people on sidewalks from their balconies—ignoring the fact that some might work in grocery stores and pharmacies.

Mayors are personally intervening, scolding people they catch outside, and recording it for the internet to see. Governors are livestreaming angry sermons. “I’m getting word that someone is having a graduation party,” said Campania chief Vincenzo De Luca. “We’ll send in the police. We’ll send them in with a flamethrower.”

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The lockdown will flatten the curve. The lockdown takes almost a month before the numbers are flattened. That is how long it took China and South Korea. The data over the past few days indicates that the rates of death and reported cases are starting to fall in Italy.

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Nearly half of the United States’ population believe the lockdown is arbitrary and bunk. Reason? That is how long they think it can take to manifest itself, not how long it takes to start dropping off the infection rates and deaths.

At the risk of sounding “racist” or appearing to question globalism – in recent years, China has come to virtually own the artisan leather and textile trade in northern Italy, there are hundreds of Chinese workers and suits there, and a quick search will uncover all kinds of great deals on direct flights between Wuhan and Milan – at least until a few months ago when China turned northern Italy into the second world epicenter for infections.

The Chinese are in a much better position to order a lockdown and expect it to be honored. They can imprison or shoot people who don’t get the message and will do it.


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