Honestly, we have the most cringe-worthy celebrities of all time.

Remember back in the day when people like Clark Gable and John Wayne were leading the Hollywood “celebrity class?”

Those were real move stars – they didn’t force their private or political opinions down our throats – unlike today’s Hollywood “activist” culture who are complete and total idiots.

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Case in point – a bunch of celebrities got together and made a video of themselves singing (off-key) the song “Imagine” as a way to “help” America through this pandemic.

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I could hardly make it through this video, I had “douche chills” all over my body.

And I guess I wasn’t the only one – many people thought these pampered selfish idiots could do a lot more with their time and money than make cheesy god-awful videos.

You can watch the video below:

“Do they realize people are losing their jobs? So glad they had the privilege of doing this”

“I can’t name 90% of these “celebrities” is that a bad thing.”

“we should test vaccines on these losers”

“Sounded like total shit. Detached from reality.”

“Stop the cringeworthy stupidity. You are being incredibly condescending to people in need. If each one of you had donated $10,000, instead of hurting people’s ears, you would have helped several families in need. If I can do it, with limited means, you can do it too.”

“Amazing how they think they are even relevant right now. What a bunch of “elitist” idiots!”

“singing from their villas. shame on you all singing with your crap voices.put your hands in your pockets and help your community. ah I forgot. it’s only rich people around you.”

“singing while people are in a state of shock. singing while people die. shut t f u.already”

These celebrities are completely and totally tone-deaf and out of touch with how Americans actually think, feel and live.


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