While liberal governors are forbidding their citizens from taking Hydroxychloroquine, the Malaria drug that is thought to help heal people with Coronavirus, Republican governors are doing the exact opposite.

Case in point – Florida GOP governor Ron De Santis ordered the drug after a local resident who had the disease took it and it cleared up his lungs.

Again, Blue State Dems are ordering their doctors NOT to use the drug at all.

For them, it’s become more about being “anti-Trump” than it is helping their citizens.

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Shipments of the drug are headed to Florida hospitals in four counties.

DeSantis made the announcement on Saturday during a news conference. In addition, De Santis said that about 2,000 45-minute rapid coronavirus tests will be arriving in Jacksonville and South Florida.

Production for hydroxychloroquine is ramping up as demand rises.

“If somebody is in really bad shape and there is no other treatment available and a doctor believes its something that could be helpful we want that patient to be able to have access to that,” DeSantis said.

The drug is now part of numerous clinical trials throughout the world testing to see if it could help treat COVID-19 patients. In the U.S., there’s currently two trials for hydroxychloroquine. One is already underway at the University of Minnesota. The other trail is at Columbia University Irving Medical Center and is set to begin enrollment next week.

However, hydroxychloroquine hasn’t been approved as COVID-19 treatment. It’s currently used as an anti-malaria drug and is also prescribed to patients with lupus and arthritis.

“I’m not a doctor. I’m not telling anyone to take it or not take it, but I do believe in the idea of the right to try,” DeSantis said.

At Saturday’s news conference DeSantis announced plans to ship the drug to Florida hospitals in 4 counties, including Hillsborough County.

“We actually had a Floridan who used it who was in very bad shape with COVID-19 he used it and it managed to clear up the lungs at the virus,” DeSantis said. [Fox 13]

Hydroxychloroquine is not part of many clinical trials throughout the world testing to see if it can treat COVID-19 patients.

There are two hydroxychloroquine tests in the United States right now. One at the University of Minnesota and the other at Columbia University Irving Medical Center will start next week.


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