This is a zinger for the record books, folks!

GOP lawmaker Gae Magnafici made an epic jab at Hillary while discussing the overblown fears surrounding coronavirus.

A Republican state legislator in Wisconsin shared a “joke” about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the rapidly spreading novel coronavirus that angered local citizens.

Gae Magnafici, who spent 35 years as a nurse before winning office in Wisconsin’s 28th Congressional District, responded to a tweet admonishing President Trump’s lack of response to the coronavirus by suggesting that “more people have died from knowing Hillary.” [Washington Examiner]

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Obviously Magnafici made this joke in jest, but liberal news site Politifact has actually fact-checked her claim.

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Good grief these people are dense.

If you can believe it, Magnafici’s clowning on the failed two-time presidential candidate landed the state representative in hot water with the media fact-checking group PolitiFact, which awarded her tweet a “Pants on Fire” rating.

“As America’s coronavirus death toll hit 19 and the number of cases topped 400 on March 7, one Wisconsin branch of Twitter wasn’t exactly taking the matter seriously,” reads the nearly 500-word fact-check. [Washington Examiner]

This was an obvious joke, who in their right mind would actually fact-check it?

Clearly, liberals have ZERO sense of humor.

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