Earlier this month three individuals went to court over an incident revolving around the assault of an airline captain and not following his commands.

Henrietta Metairie and Mary Roberts are a daughter and mother and are both facing accusations of assaulting Guido Keel who is a SWISS airline pilot. The flight from Zurich to London had already landed before the alleged events took place, although the issues leading up to the incident began before the plane even took off.

You can watch the video below:

According to CNN, prior to the take-off the two ladies were preparing to fly and also had a young child with them. Mitaire requested that one of the attendants who is named Ali Chekerdaa, to place her stroller into the cabin. The flight attendant decided not to do so and advised against it, catalyzing an argument before the flight took off.

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‘Upon landing, Mitaiare approached Chkerdaa and asked to note down the airport workers’ names in order to make a complaint, according to prosecutor Arlene De Silva.

After some back and forth, Keel came out of the cabin and a struggle ensued, during which the captain suffered scratches on his face and arm and a bite on his arm, De Silva said.

Chkerdaa told the court that Mitaiare objected to Keel getting involved.

“She said something (to Capt Keel) like, ‘Don’t meddle with it, you have nothing to do with it,'” he said. “She said Swiss people are racist, because she was a black woman traveling with a child.”

Keel asked her to step outside and stop the argument, but Mitaiare reacted badly when he touched her, Chkerdaa said.

“She said, ‘Don’t touch me’,” he added. “The moment he touched her she went all crazy.” [CNN]

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Now if these allegations are true then you can basically turn their actions into a step by step instruction book on how to get banned from an airline.

Given how the situation started, I’m going to assume that two out of four people in this situation simply don’t know how to hold composure when it comes to the simpler things in life.

Now we don’t know exactly what was said between the flight attendants and the two British ladies but I do know that this altercation could have been avoided with ease. After doing a bit of research, it looks like the Airline Captain does have the authority to remove individuals for the plane if they are a threat of safety.

With that being said those scratches and bite marks put the two ladies in a pretty bad position legally.


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