Until now, the coronavirus has 46,485 confirmed cases with 593 deaths. Notice I didn’t say “only” because that would be dismissing those that have died and I would never be about that life.

Pres. Trump is reportedly mulling the decision to pull back on his social distancing decision from over a week ago and allow businesses to open back up to get the economy moving but experts from John Hopkins Center do not think that would be a smart decision.

My fear is that the markets will keep tanking. It’s not about the stores opening up because the markets were losing points when they were open in the first place. The markets want to know the American people are being treated with ventilators and respirators and thus the comeback starts. Things are not spreading as fast right now because of Pres. Trump’s hard decision to put these current directives in place.

Tom Inglesby, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security Director and also listed as specializing in pandemics and infectious diseases spent a while trying to educate and inform anyone who would listen and share his pleading message:

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The number of flu cases/deaths are somewhat related to the fact that many people don’t bother to get the flu shots. Coronavirus has no known vaccine. There are a few drugs that appear to sometimes lessen the impact of the disease, but none have been proven by testing. Removing the restrictions on movement by the general population surely guarantees many unnecessary deaths.

People be smart. Don’t panic, there are tens of thousands of people if not hundreds of infected people who were not confirmed cases. The virus is spreading like fire due to the very late actions taken. Please be careful.

What’s happening in Italy could be us in a few weeks. Practice social distancing. We all hate staying at home and being able to dine out. Be patient. If the officials are afraid to take the extra measures, we can do so and protect ourselves.

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