Dr. Brix is seriously great.

She’s always centered in facts and always seems to have the most straight-forward and optimistic view on coronavirus.

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Meanwhile, the media is constantly in a tailspin, reporting on how horribly Trump is handling this and how all American’s are going to eventually drop dead from this.

Dr. Brix explains that New York, one of the highly most infected states at this time of publishing, still has ICU beds and plenty of ventilators.

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Watch the video:

Dr. Brix definitely put our frenzied media in their place and for good reason because the numbers are showing that they’re pretty out of control.

Despite the coronavirus spreading rapidly across China early this year, media and search interest remained nearly nonexistent until around Jan. 21, when the first case on U.S. soil was reported. This is similar to the 2014 Ebola outbreak, which also received little media coverage until it reached the United States.

Attention has increased sharply since Feb. 21 as the virus’ global spread accelerated.

The American media have increasingly contextualized the illness’ U.S. spread in terms of the Trump administration’s response. Since Feb. 25, Donald Trump has been mentioned in a quarter to a third of U.S. news coverage of the virus, reflecting the stakes for his presidency. Globally, a quarter of economic news coverage mentions the coronavirus in some way, reflecting its outsized impact on the world economy.

Looking closely at the timeline above, both online news and online search interest appear to increase at nearly the same time in January, with news coverage slightly beating search interest during last week’s surge. Television news did not begin paying serious attention to the virus until Feb. 24. [Real Clear Politics]

The media seriously does need to calm on over-sensationalizing the virus.

Otherwise, it’s going to work the public into a bigger and bigger frenzy.

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