A Connecticut doctor, Cory Edgar, 48, was arrested on suspicion of coughing and hugging two co-workers in spite of social distancing measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Edgar was charged with a misdemeanor for breach of peace. He’s not suspected
of having the COVID-19 (coronavirus), according to University of Connecticut officials but he isn’t the first to be charged on allegations of deliberately breaching social-distancing guidelines.

What is up with these people? Even if this was a prank or joke, it’s not funny. Across the country, several people have already been charged with making terroristic threats by doing the same thing.

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A doctor at the University of Connecticut Health Center was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for coughing and hugging coworkers, local news outlets reported.

Cory Edgar, 48, is an assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at the UConn Musculoskeletal Institute. Witnesses told WTNH that Edgar intentionally coughed on two other medical workers and disregarded coronavirus safety measures.

“The involved doctor has confirmed that he is in excellent health and does not to his knowledge have COVID-19,” Jennifer Walker, a UConn Health spokesperson told Business Insider in a statement.

“We can also state that any UConn Health employee with an indication of illness is asked to stay home, and during this pandemic, all employees are screened for symptoms prior to entering the premises,” she added.

Walker said UConn Police issued Edgar with a misdemeanor breach of peace summons on Thursday morning. [Business Insider]

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As of Friday, the US had over 102,000 coronavirus cases and over 1,500 deaths.

I mentioned earlier that others across the nation had run into trouble with the law because they didn’t take the coronavirus seriously and may have put others in jeopardy. Here are a couple of examples. (1) A man in Chicago who was stopped for drunken driving was charged this week with aggravated battery after he coughed on two police officers and shouted: “Now you have the Corona!” (2) A Pennsylvania woman was arrested this week and charged with making terroristic threats after she coughed and spit on several items at a supermarket and shouted: “I have the virus and now you’re all going to get sick.” The store had to throw out more than $35,000 in food and groceries afterward.

I guess what I am saying here is that it’s not a joke and should be taken seriously.


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