People were aware of this when it was first reported in China and to be honest, it is up to People to safeguard themselves

Pres. Trump would have had to lock down the whole country, declare Martial law and restrict everyone in January, but if he had, the Democrats would be all over him claiming the USA wasn’t at risk that he was overreacting and would be moving to impeach him over actions.

Even at that time, Democrats did not think it was necessary to do things. They would have opposed shutting borders to China and people from China!

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Make no mistake; Democrats played a large part here. They also in their attempt to impeach Pres. Trump, blocked or did not act on any legislation that was needed, so we were blocked from Trump’s first day in office from Trump properly-getting things done.

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Even when Trump pushed for this stimulus aid for Americans, and I still am not sold on the huge $2 trillion price tag, Dems wanted to load it with their pet pork project to fund aborting babies along with other programs, such as the John F. Kennedy Center which was to receive $25 million.

Democrats took advantage and so delayed this aid to Americans by many many days!

Also frankly on equipment shortages, every governor and every state legislator is guilty here. The President is not like other nations running a single government that says all in the nation, where other nations leaders lead a central government where the leader’s word is law in all aspects the USA is really more like 50 Mini Nations sovereign to each.

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The federal government was set up to be second to states, in the beginning, it was more to act for the nation as a whole internationally, to control the nation’s borders and was not set up to be the be-all in how things get done.

That’s more up to each state and each governor and state legislator, and it is those that should be addressing any shortages and spending (and taxing) the people of their state to buy such.

It’s not the responsibility of the President to ensure states have enough equipment, that’s on the states themselves, so let’s be clear, these state governors complaining of lack of mask, etc. are the ones who failed.

In cases after the bad flu, we had under Barack Obama; they did not address restocking the used up equipment then nor address the possible need for extra if a worse flu, etc. outbreak occurred!

At the local end, all the hospitals failed to restock, even expand stocks for a possible outbreak like this. After the swine flu, the bad flu, and past Sars scare, all hospitals, etc. should be using profits to stock, expand and prepare.

And again the states, their legislatures, governors should have legislated requirements.

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It was just a few weeks ago that Pelosi was on TV saying that it was safe to resume business in San Francisco’s Chinatown. She was encouraging people to shop there and to frequent restaurants, etc., just a couple of weeks before San Francisco and most other cities in the area were put on lockdown.

Trump could have done better, but Pelosi is criticizing him for doing exactly what she did. Not to mention that she was a big part of the impeachment fiasco. Maybe unknowingly, but she diverted the attention away from Congress and the American people while Coronavirus was spreading around the world.

If something “could have saved lives” a month ago it could now. But there’s no such thing. There’s no basis, no evidence no proof no logical explanation that could demonstrate something Trump could have said or done that would have changed a thing.



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