Is NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio smoking some wacky weed? Does he have a fever? Has he lost his commie mind?

de Blasio is now claiming that President Trump is in “denial” over Coronavirus.


That’s right, the lurching communist who has handled the virus so poorly that his own officials are quitting and calling h9inm out in the media is now claiming Trump, the guy giving daily pressers, is in “denial.”

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Maryland’s Republican Governor Larry Hogan took serious issue with de Blasio’s claims that the Trump administration continues to ignore the coronavirus pandemic.

“Ignoring the crisis.”

I mean, I get playing politics, but this claim is so wildly off the mark and stupid that it really shows how desperate de Blasio is to do “damage control” for himself right now.

“Just know that people all over the place are working as hard as they possibly can to fight this hidden enemy and it’s going to take all of us, not only the local government, the cities like the mayor and state governments, the federal government, but it takes every one of our citizens as a part of this and we can’t stop it without them cooperating,” Hogan told NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” adding, “We’re going to keep fighting it 24 hours a day until we get it done.”

De Blasio, who has said President Donald Trump remains inactive on the COVID-19 response and needs to deploy the U.S. military to New York City, repeated that demand Sunday. “It’s not true that people everywhere are fighting with all they’ve got because our military is being sidelined and the White House is in denial. It’s just not true, governor. It’s just not true.”

Hogan told de Blasio that the military was anything but sidelined. “We have military all over our state doing all kinds of great things like humanitarian missions … and building new hospital beds,” he said. Trump has invoked the Defense Protection Act to ensure private sector industry produces essential material to combat the coronavirus.

The governor suggested the mayor should talk to Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo who has praised the Trump administration’s evolving response to the coronavirus outbreak. [Daily Caller]

Not to mention, that Governor Andrew Cuomo has been praising President Trump throughout this mess.

He told reporters that Trump has New Yorkers’ backs and he has Trump’s back.

I think de Blasio should stop going to the gym and start doing some work in his city.


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