It would be wonderful to have clean bills go through Congress, but that’s as rare as unicorns. Does anyone remember the 2008 bailout? And the 2009 stimulus package?

Do we want the corporations to use our money the same way this time that they did the last time? If a corporation can give their CEOs big paychecks, stock options, etc. running into the millions, then they can (or should have) put money away for emergencies like this instead of expecting Americans to shovel them our cash. At the same time, they try to blackmail us by threatening workers. No business is too big to fail. If the airlines are going down, someone else will take the opportunity to buy the planes and hire the people.

I don’t see the need for aircraft emissions or solar credits to be included in this bill, just like I don’t see corporate bailout loans with six months of secrecy and no restrictions as needed to be included in this bill.

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There should be two separate bills, one that deals with families, healthcare, and small businesses support and one to deal with corporate support so each can stand on their own merits instead of one being the crutch for the other.

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The ONLY additional provisions that should be added to the coronavirus bill is the immediate implementation of term limits for every elected/appointed official in the entire United States Government.

This no time for politics lets get what is needed to be passed asap! Congress needs to work overnight if need be to get this bill passed; this is no time for adding more than necessary.

If things become too hard, just do the original plan. Give every single American a check in April and another in May for 1-2000 dollars to ease the burden the virus is putting on us. Give additional funding to fight the virus. No corporate bailouts. No solar/wind credits. No funding for planned parenthood. No union reform. No additional airline emission standards.Play politics when the pandemic goes away, please.

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Rep. James Clyburn’s statement about using the coronavirus stimulus to advance their political goals cannot be undone by ignoring the fact he said it. The fact that things unrelated to the coronavirus are appearing because the Democrats are extorting the nation into funding things they could not get through Congress. There is no way to spin expanding tax credits for windmills and solar energy, having diddly squat to do with the needs of the public regarding the coronavirus.

The rhetoric from the Democrats about all families receiving direct financial assistance is nearly gone, substituted for significantly smaller payouts with significant limits.

They are claiming the GOP is looking out for corporations. Still, their proposals are looking out for favored industries and big unions even though union workers are not the majority of the workforce; they make up 10.3% of the workforce, with the Democrats putting their campaign donations ahead of the other 90% of the nation.

Democrats and Republicans need to do their jobs. Quit trying to add items that do not need to be in there. Help the American people for a change and put them first.

By the way, we need mandatory term limits!


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