Chinese media has confirmed that a restaurant in Shenyang, China did indeed hang a banner outside of their restaurant “celebrating” the China Coronavirus pandemic that has hit the USA.

The “Global Times” is a state-run news pub who has spread rumors that the US created the “Wuhan virus” and used it as an attack against the Chinese. They identified the disgusting restaurant as “Mother Yang’s Porridge Restaurant.”

I can only imagine what horrors they’re serving up in there…

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The publication claims police arrested the manager who put up the banner that wished for the pandemic to do as much damage in the United States and Japan as possible.

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Yeah, sure they did.

“Celebrating the epidemic in the U.S. and wishing coronavirus a nice trip to Japan,” a large red banner over the restaurant read, according to the Global Times’ translation. Other translations note that the Chinese characters also insult Japan as “little” and hope the virus spread “forever after that”

Vlogger Jennifer Zeng shared the tweet and picture of the restaurants.

This move comes at a time when relations between China and the rest of the world are very fragile after China lied about the virus and withheld crucial information that could have saved people’s lives.

I don’t know about you, but I plan to do my part by no longer buying anything “made in China.”


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