The idea of the U.S. moving away from their reliance on China for our manufacturing, especially medical supplies, is definitely trending in America right now.

After giving us this wretched illness, China has now made so many more Americans aware of our reliance on them.

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Which is really going to bite them back in the kiester after we return the favor by lowering how much junk we get from them.

This is all part of a great plan by Trump to bolster our own economy by encouraging U.S. small businesses to produce more supplies for their own country and also by providing necessary aid.

President Donald Trump announced a new plan Wednesday night to help small businesses deal with the economic blow following the coronavirus.

Trump’s Administration is offering up $50 billion in relief packages for small business owners being fiscally impacted by the novel coronavirus.

Relief is available to businesses in North Dakota.

“Effective immediately, the SBA will begin providing economic loans in affected states and territories,” Trump said.

In an effort to offset a volatile market, SBA will be offering Economic Injury Disaster Loans to businesses that have been adversely affected by the coronavirus.

“If a business has decreased sales, decreased profits, increased expenses in trying to deal with the coronavirus situation and they have a shortage in cash flow, SBA can come provide a low interest, long term working capital loan,” said District Director for SBA in ND Al Haut. [KFYR-TV]

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Senator Marsha Blackburn echoed how many others in the GOP are feeling by having a bold speech on the Senate floor where she declared the U.S. needs to stop being more self-sufficient and stop relying on the “Madmen in Beijieng.”

As global supply chains reel under the weight of shuttered transportation and workers ordered to stay home, a Republican senator is lashing out at American dependence on items manufactured in China.

Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn said it is “time for us to say no more” during a fiery Wednesday speech that highlighted the vulnerability of American citizens and businesses who rely on China as a critical manufacturing giant within the world economy.

“We have already paid dearly for our reliance on Chinese drug manufacturers, and it’s not going to stop because that vulnerability is leverage in the hands of madmen in Beijing who seek nothing but power and will go to any lengths to acquire that power,” Blackburn said.

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted just how crucial China is to goods and services needed by the American public. Blackburn echoed concerns previously expressed by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio by stressing the “difficulties obtaining the active ingredient” of pharmaceuticals manufactured in China during this time of crisis. [Washington Examiner]

Watch the video:

Marsha Blackburn is 100% correct.

We as Americans need to pull up our bootstraps and start providing for ourselves.

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