A 23-year-old Florida man was just found legally insane at the time he randomly murdered a married couple outside their home, according to the prosecution psychiatrist.

The grisly murder occurred some 4-years ago when Florida college student Austin Harouff murdered Michelle and John Stevens.

After he killed the couple he began eating  Mr. Stevens’s face.

The prosecution team discovered that Harrouff believed God and demons were talking to him. He also had increasing paranoia and other hallucinations just before the killings.

The night of the murders Austin’s mom discovered him drinking cooking oil mixed with Parmesan cheese and possibly hallucinogenic mushrooms.

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Since the murders, he’s been diagnosed with “schizophrenia.”

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The defense plans to argue that he should be found “not guilty by reason of insanity” at his murder trial in May.

If he is found “not guilty” by reason of insanity he would be committed to a mental hospital for the rest of his life.

When Martin County sheriff’s deputies arrived at the Stevenses’ home north of Palm Beach on the night of August 15, 2016, they found a horrific scene, court documents, recordings and photos show.

Michelle Stevens, 53, lay mangled and dead in the garage and Harrouff, then a muscular exercise science major at Florida State University, was attacking and biting her 59-year-old husband on the driveway.

Harrouff is alleged to have also wounded neighbor Jeffrey Fisher who tried to save the couple.

One deputy ordered Harrouff off at gunpoint while another used an electric stun gun on him, but he wouldn’t let go.

Deputies say they didn’t shoot Harrouff because they feared hitting John Stevens.

Finally, a deputy with a dog arrived and its bites enabled deputies to subdue Harrouff, who had no previous arrest record.

He told deputies, ‘Help me, I ate something bad’ and then admitted it was ‘humans’ as he spit out a piece of flesh, court documents show. [Daily Mail]

Back in 2018, Dr. Phil interviewed Austin from his jail cell.

Once he was taken into custody, Austin begged police officers to kill him. “Shoot me now; I deserve to die,” Harrouff said.

The college frat boy had a history of alcohol and drug abuse, including cocaine, methamphetamine, and hallucinogens.

However, at the time of his arrest blood tests only found marijuana in his system.


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