I know twins are supposed to be extra close, but this is just downright creepy.

Two women who are called the “most identical twins” in the world, do everything together…and I do mean “everything.”

Anna and Lucy DeCinque are 34-year-old twins from Perth, Australia and they live a totally bizarre lifestyle that includes showering together, going to the bathroom together, and even dating the same man for the past 9 years.

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The twins are also obsessed with exercise, to the point of absurdity. They work out vigorously for 6 hours every day and only eat once a day.

The twins live with their mechanic boyfriend named “Ben” and their mother. The twins say they and Ben share a king-size bed.

The siblings, who splashed out nearly $250,000 (£138,917) on cosmetic surgery to make themselves look more alike before reversing the effects, went on to detail the lengths they go to stay identical.

Lucy said: If she goes to the toilet I have to go at the same time because we eat and drink the same, we shower together, we’re just never apart.

‘It’s stressful being us, we have to measure our plates, every thing has to be identical.’

The sisters went on to admit that they even plan to be pregnant at the same time, claiming it’s ‘Ben’s job’ to make sure that happens.

The sisters first found fame after they spent thousands on matching surgery to remain identical.

When they reached their 20s, the sisters opted for years of lip fillers, breast implants, facial tattooing, skin needling, laser treatments and even eyebrows and hair extensions.

But the twins – who once had 14 beauty procedures in two weeks – later decided to have their eyebrow and lip tattoos removed and let their fillers dissolve after realising they’d overdone the procedures. [Daily Mail]

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The twins also say that they want to marry their longterm boyfriend, but “polygamy” is against the law in Australia.

‘Okay, so we share a partner Ben and we would like to marry him one day but the law in Australia says we can’t, so what do we do?”

The twins have a Youtube channel with almost 100K followers and they sound like absolute lunatics.

You can watch the video below:

I wonder why the mother of these two crackpots hasn’t placed her daughters in therapy. This is not normal behavior.

Besides all the “mental issues” these two people have a serious problem with extreme narcissism.



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