Only time will tell if this bill is bad or not. With it being over two trillion dollars, let alone, one trillion makes me angry—those of you who believe Pres. Trump is an inerrant Savior of mankind, need to keep your heads. I understand your wanting to shield him from the left and their hate. We voted for him and want him to do good.

Most of you that follow me know there isn’t a more staunch Trump supporter than me, but he is capable of mistakes and blind spots and if you are one that has the ability to look past the major errors that affect all Americans, then you have a problem. I am not even talking about the small ones because again, people make mistakes. This still looks like Porkulus disguised as a “relief” bill.

If you listen to my podcast, you know I have always been against these massive spending bills. I continued to call out the Republicans for passing two Omnibus spending bills roughly valued close to three trillion dollars WITHIN 10 months of Pres. Trump’s first term. That was given the excuse of helping our military.

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The fact is this is the kind of spending that’s RUINING our country and the record revenues we’re all sending to the Federal government to paper over that massive deficit just came to a screeching halt. But guess what didn’t? The ballooning interest payment on the exploding debt. That keeps rising higher than a Johns Hopkins Coronavirus curve, and we aren’t squashing the peak, we’re extending it.

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Sorry Boomers, your future social security payments just took a haircut. And since all those nice millennials don’t believe they’ll ever see a dime of social security, do you think the next wave of nice young politicians are going to let you have yours? Hint: No.

Please understand this is another bank bailout. Airlines and other businesses that go bust would be purchased at the current market rate and continue to operate. The loser would be the bank that would have to accept the market price for bankrupt industries. This is what happens when you disconnect from the gold standard and over leverage. It will be a collapse of the banks if these companies are allowed to fail. Maybe not this time but history will eventually repeat.

Here is the full Senate bill:


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People are wondering when they will get their next paycheck and our legislators instead of working on alleviating some of the sufferings. Why have they decided that working on their shopping wish list and looking at who to give money to– their favorite organizations and pet projects where/are more important.

Instead of focusing on what is happening, it looks like they were busy making a shopping wish list and working on that to put in this spending bill! Disgusting.

Guess this shines a light on their ACTUAL priorities, …which isn’t the American people who are laid off right now or the businesses that will probably wind up the closing.

I voted for you sir and damn proud of it, but for the love of God, please VETO this monstrosity of a bill (Cares Act) that the Senate has rushed through. Please read it to the American people and explain to them why you will veto this. We, the people, are tired of this constant rush always to favor the American people.

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For many years now, politicians have always promised us the world and only delivered a tiny fraction of those promises, yet still always pretending to represent us. But you sir, you were different, and this is why the American people voted for you. You asked us to take a chance, and we did! So now I’m asking you to take a chance and trust the American people who put you in office the first time and know that we will be there the second time.

You’re a good man, sir; even I know you cannot morally sign this Act.

Mr. President, we have your back, I promise you!




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