What on earth were these employees thinking by allowing a man to take a bubble bath in a sink where kitchen supplies are cleaned and sanitized?

Thankfully these Wendy’s employees who clearly suffer from really, really bad judgment have all been fired.

I hate to see people lose their jobs – unless they’re this stupid…this stupid and working with food.

That’s a bad combo (pun intended).

The bizarre and disturbing video is from a Wendy’s in Greenville, Michigan and it features a young guy – who appears to be naked –  enjoying himself a little too much in a bubbly stainless steel sink, that we assume is used to sanitize equipment for food handing and preparation.

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This guy is really having a good ol’ time…he claims he’s just “enjoying life.”

Poor guy needs a better life. 

Absolutely disgusting – I imagine him using a hamburger spatula to clean his back. ?

Why would people do this first off, and secondly, why on earth would they video record it?

You can watch the video below:

The owner of the local franchise issued a statement after the stunt, saying:

This egregious behavior is completely unacceptable and counter to our safety, training and operational standards. Upon learning of this situation, all employees in the video were terminated immediately and the restaurant is being completely sanitized.

The company would not say if the man was an employee.

“We’ve taken to the appropriate steps,” vice president of human resources Christian Camp said, according to the Daily News. “We’ve looked at everything that was involved in the said incident to make sure everything is clean — per state regulations, at a minimum — but we try to go as far and above as we can.” [American Mirror]

They should throw the sink out and buy a new one.

Honestly, if I lived in that town, I’d become a McDonald’s customer from here on out.


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