In beaking news, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has claimed victory in both Iowa and New Hampshire, claiming to have garnered at least 1/1024th of the vote needed to win, which she claims to be enough to identify as the winner.

My question is, “how did she even get this far?”

Warren’s campaign for the Democratic nomination is cratering and she can’t fall back on the media this time. Warren relied on their push a few months ago when everyone was giving her praise over Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. They were even pushing the lie that she had polling as a national frontrunner but that dried up quickly and silently.

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Warren is not good for the country because you can’t trust her. You can’t trust any Democrat actually because their emotions run their policies, not logic or common sense.

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No Democrat has a chance because none of them can lie convincingly enough to garner the votes. Everything that comes out of their mouth is pandering to some group of people, and whatever promises they make will immediately get dropped once they receive the votes.

When Democrats started caring more for illegals than for our home-born citizens, I knew it was over. All Americans should have been very upset when the moderator asked all the candidates if they would support free health care for illegals, and they all raised their hands when citizens don’t get free health care!

You cannot give away free everything to everyone and expect a handful of wealthy people to fund it all. Not very realistic. Also, no one wants to give up the private health insurance they have earned through career and financial advancement.

Democrats just don’t get it – we all want equal opportunity, but this constant fight for similar outcomes is totally against everything natural and “fair” in this world. Wake up and grow up.

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That’s not all. Warren cemented her low honesty score when she lied about Bernie Sanders, stating that “a woman cannot be elected president,” which is, of course, not anything Bernie would ever say. Then she tried to cover up saying it by waffling about it when asked. In case voters were about to “get past” the fraudulent Native American claims she used to land every single job/position she has had in her life, this latest political gaffe brought us all back to reality about her.

Americans are not stupid. Once you prove to voters you can’t be trusted, you should be on your way to Oblivion.

People get sick of seeing these people campaigning for two years when most of them should be doing the job they are paid to (typically The House of Reps or Senate). Way too many debates too.

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Even now, Michael Bloomberg getting in much later may work to his advantage. In Warren’s case, it is too much of a way below average thing. She claims to have a plan for everything. Does she have a plan to get above 10%?

In summary, Warren is cratering because Pres. Trump has followed through on every policy platform he campaigned on, and her past of lying and pandering while in political office makes her future certainly untrustworthy.

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