The best is yet to come! Donald Trump is almost certainly going to be re-elected on November 3rd, 2020.

The wrecking machine that is Pres. Trump, is doing precisely what the Trump voters wanted him to do, i.e., drain the swamp. When he is not rescinding Obama’s regulations, he is finding the money to build more border walls. (He just committed money to build an additional 1,000 miles of border walls.) When he is not whip-sawing international “trading partners,” he is identifying the deceitful agenda of the Democrat Party, he all but calls them out as being Marxists.

In my modest-sized circle of friends and associates, there are two groups of people. The liberals are universally dour and sullen whenever politics is brought up. In the same discussions, the non-liberals are optimistic and delighted.

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I know people from high school and earlier from grade school who are Trump haters and leftists. I don’t try to antagonize them; I avoid discussing politics with them whatsoever. They post their anti-Trump garbage on Facebook. Easier to ignore them and remember the friendship we had growing up together. They can’t help their ignorance. Am I too nice to them?

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Pres. Trump is a bulldozer in the Washington, D.C. china shop; he is demolishing the long-standing corruption machine of the Democrats and the RINOs. That is why the liberal elite will continue to take charge after charge against Trump in the hope that something, anything will stick. They engage in this futility because they don’t know what else to do. The Democrats are unable to accept the defeat of Hillary, and unwilling to work with the Republicans to make America great again.

How sad is it when liberal leaders wish for a recession so that the voters might put them in power again? Trump’s success has made a mockery of their dogma. They are so arrogant and conceited they cannot admit they were wrong, hence the anger.

Tolerance has limits. Differences in decorating choices or food choices are not the same thing as killing babies, starving you out of energy, controlling your every move, and stealing through taxes. You can compromise which restaurant you go to, but you just can’t compromise the basic principles of life you know to be accurate, or you might as well give up living.

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The left is trying to kill us with deceit, and when we don’t buy their lies, they go ballistic just like the immature brats they are. I’m not at all sure you can fix them. The best we can do is marginalized them and prosecute them for crimes they commit, with fraud being a major factor. God speed to us in this endeavor.

Dems are calling for higher taxes, open borders, disarming the people, registering illegal aliens, bigger government programs for the “disadvantaged,” free college, etc., etc. Wait a minute — that will get the liberals, illegal aliens, welfare people, etc. to vote for them. Even the dead voters will still vote for the Democrat candidates.

Complacency is the enemy of individual freedoms. If the bridges are washed out on November 3rd, hire a fast river racing boat and get to your polling place.

DO NOT sit on the couch, eat popcorn, and drink your favorite beverage while watching the TV on election night.

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