Several workers were fired after their Tik Tok video was shared across the internet.

The footage shows them dancing to some music while in uniform and on the job.

This is somewhat odd because The Fresno Bee states that something similar happened with police, but they didn’t get fired. They received a lot of praise and attention

The video had been posted on Tik Tok; it had only taken a couple of weeks for it to gain massive amounts of attention. Within a short amount of time, the video had amassed more than 200,000 views and caught the attention of the company that employed the workers.

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The employees did not work directly for the Fresno Airport but were contracted under Flight Services and Systems. With that being said, officials over at the Fresno Air Terminal had some things to say about the incident.

“In the videos, the employees’ inappropriate behavior in the work environment displays poor judgment and does not reflect the conduct expected of individuals working at FAT.”

“The company employing these individuals has taken corrective action concerning the parties involved, as well as instructed the removal of the unauthorized videos from social media. FAT is working with the company to retrain its staff on appropriate behavior and to prevent these types of events in the future.” [The Fresno Bee]

Tommy Chan is one of the individuals who were a part of the creation of the viral video and does not think that they should have been fired for the 15-second video.

“I don’t really feel like we should’ve been fired. May be suspended for a bit,” said Chan, who had worked at the airport for 1 1/2 years. “We did the video toward the end of our shift when our work was already done, and there was no other work to do. We had a couple of minutes to spare.

“A lot of people saw the video and left a lot of positive comments.”
Chan said he thought the firing was hypocritical, because he said the head of airport social media told them, “Nice video.”
“They’d seen ramp service agents at other airports post similar videos” [The Fresno Bee]

So the big question is, should they have been fired? Just to put it plainly, I wouldn’t think so personally. They did technically break a few rules, but the situation wasn’t so severe that they should have had their jobs taken from them. At best they should have been suspended, that would have been a much better route to take as a corrective action. This is a case where the company felt the need to make an example out of a few people in order to try to keep others in line.

If I were one of the workers, I would have suggested to maybe keep as much of the airport branding out of the video as possible. That’s probably where the employees screwed up. I am sure that there won’t be any more viral videos coming out of that airport or that contracting company anytime soon. Hopefully, those who lost their jobs will find some new opportunities through their recent success with Tik Tok.


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