Sometimes I look at these elected officials and I think…how on earth did this person ever get elected?

Sheila Jackson Lee is one of those people that makes me question our entire voting process. She’s just such a fool.

Case in point…during a House Budget Committee hearing Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee suggested President Trump’s new budget proposal was like “slavery. ”

Trump’s program encourages minorities and “immigrants” to choose work over government benefits – and somehow that’s “slavery” to Jackson Lee.

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Lee lamented that this spring alone “over 700,00 people will likely lose food assistance, as states begin to implement the Trump administration’s expanded SNAP time limit.” She went on to try and explain how getting people off of government assistance and helping them get back to work is somehow linked to slavery.

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Lee said, “and what they’re gearing it toward is, that in slavery, they began to characterize the descendants of enslaved Africans as ‘lazy.’ That’s all the stereotypes.”

She added, “and there were laws that were put in place,  you were picking cotton, you couldn’t get assistance. And so this document is trying to uproot the long belief that poor people, particularly African-Americans and now immigrants are lazy.”

Good grief. 

You can watch the video below:

Democrats as a party simply can’t survive without minorities being beaten down ad living off government assistance.

This is why Dems do all they can to paint minorities as victims and keep their communities hopeless and poverty-stricken.

“No hope and no way out” should be the Dem party “tagline.”



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