Rep. Adam Schiff is a liar and everyone knows it.

Schiff lied about having “better than circumstantial evidence” to sink Pres. Trump on the Russian collusion investigation. Schiff also lied trying to push a narrative that Pres. Trump participated in a quid pro quo with Ukraine’s president, even though their leader said it didn’t happen.

Let’s face it, sometimes we all have to lie, at least a little bit. Say for instance your obese mother comes downstairs in a tight dress and asks you how she looks. You think good God that looks hideous but you aren’t going to say that. You don’t want to hurt her feelings so you lie a little and tell her it looks nice.

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And if you get caught doing an illegal act and the cop asked you if you did it, don’t make the case for him and be honest and say ‘sure I did it.’ Only a fool hangs himself. If you make a mistake at work you can be fired for and the boss asked you if you did it you may want to say ‘no I didn’t do it.’ If he already knows you did it you’re going to get fired anyway so make him prove it.

What Schiff is doing is lying to hurt the President and make his case.

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There are a lot of adjectives in the dictionary which are mostly used in conjunction with the word “liar.” For example, inveterate liar, unconscionable liar, compulsive liar, habitual liar, chronic liar, incorrigible liar, irredeemable liar, congenital liar, pathological liar, to name a few.

The adjectives can be clustered roughly into three groups that describe those who either 1) have no conscience which can inherently prevent them from lying incessantly, or 2) are predisposed to lying incessantly because that’s how they get through life, or 3) are for some reason genetically disposed to lying and thus have no innate ability to stop.

My point is that, throughout the history and development of modern language, words have entered the lexicon from time to time over the millennia to try to accurately describe the phenomenon of incessant lying that we see in people like Schiff who lie and keep lying and can’t stop lying and can’t be shamed into not lying.

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Schiff claims morality, but he will be surprised when he meets God and finds out how short he has fallen. We ought to be able to clear out Congress and get every liar out of there as they don’t work for the people anymore. It’s all about them, and even Sen. Chuck Schumer said that the people should no longer pick our President, but they would do it now.

All the anger toward our President is their way of telling us they think we didn’t choose very well, but I made my choice on which one didn’t lie, nor was he a crook.

Pathological lying, also known as mythomania and pseudologia fantastica, is the habitual behavior of compulsive or habitual liar.

One of the hallmarks of a pathological liar is that they lie when they don’t have to. Schiff is an excellent example of this. Take his Russian compulsion, for example. He is so deep in his fantasy about Trump and Russia that when the Mueller report came out, he ignores the conclusion that there was no cooperation between anyone and Russia. So even on the floor of the Senate (which he aspires to), he still tells his lies.

He may be a good lawyer, which I think is debatable, but he is a first-class prevaricator.

In a short time, we shall see what the inevitable temper tantrum from the far-left results in after this impeachment attempt has failed to remove our sitting President. Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Maxine Waters, and the rest of the Democrats are going to find out just how fed up the rest of the Country is with all of this nonsense. The “demonstrations” will start immediately, but we shall see how long they last, considering how little money the Democrats have to spend funding such things. Notice how few Democrat anti-Trump “demonstrators” were invited to the Impeachment hearings, as opposed to say the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing.

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Too many first-term Democrats are going home to run for reelection with absolutely nothing to show for the last two years except for this disastrous impeachment quest led by the same old (and getting older all the time…) suspects in the Democrat Party. A bunch of them are going to be hoisted on their own petard and primaried out of office after one term.

Now is the time to hold them accountable for this behavior and vote them out of the office and prosecute the criminal acts they have undertaken to undermine our constitution and government.

The primary survivors can look forward to Donald Trump-supporting every single Republican running against them in the General Election. If the Freshmen Congress Critters think they will get off for letting Pelosi bully them into doing nothing for two years, then they are even more delusional than Nancy is.

I have been of an open mind on my political beliefs all of my life. I have found that people lie to gain power, money, or both and have no regrets doing it to achieve this result. This is true of both parties, but the Democrats have crossed the line with the litany of lies, deceptions, and gross exaggeration that have been spewed.

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It seems those on the side for Communism are all insane. They have lost sight of the whole concept of what America is and now seek to make it something it was never meant to be.

Those that are fighting the hardest are the same people that shouldn’t even be there at their ages. Things that they accuse our President of are their faults, and lying is chief among them.

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