Better grab the tissues for this one.

During Rush Limbaugh’s show yesterday, a caller requested to speak to his show’s producers, but instead of making what most would presume to be a complaint, the caller did something truly incredible.

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The listener apparently told Limbaugh’s producer, Bo Snerdley, that he wanted to sacrifice one of his own lungs to help “America’s Anchorman” beat the advanced-stage lung cancer he’s battling.

But it’s not just that one caller, Snerdley revealed that Limbaugh is receiving at least two lung donations per day since announcing his battle with lung cancer.

“That is mind-boggling,” Limbaugh, 69, said Wednesday on his show after his producer told him a caller offered to give him a lung. The host said his producer, James “Bo Snerdley” Golden, told him he was being offered two lungs per day since his announcement a week ago that he has advanced lung cancer.

“Well, you all just continue to stop me dead in my tracks. I continue to get emails and flowers and cards. I mean, it’s voluminous. And it is so touching,” the host said. “I mean, people recounting experiences they had 30 years ago, 25 years ago, and this is why I said last Friday, last week, how lucky I am, and people have trouble understanding that. But believe me, everything that’s happened to me is a blessing. And I hear things like that, and I don’t know what to do with it.” [Washington Examiner]

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Watch the video:

What an amazing and selfless thing for a person to do.

Rush Limbaugh is truly a staple in conservative America and it’s amazing that goodhearted people are actually willing to donate a piece of themselves to help this man.

Really gives you hope in humanity.

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