Former Governor Rod Blagojevich wants you to know he’s not feeling “suicidal.”

He wanted to make that clear as he begins outing former failed President Barak Obama for his role in the “sale” of his Illinois Senate seat.

His words are haunting – especially after we just learned that a former DHS Obama whistleblower “committed suicide” last night.

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The interview began with host Jesse Watters asking whether Obama had been involved in his post-2008 election plans to sell the then-president’s former Senate seat.

“Did you ever talk to Barack Obama about this Senate seat. Did he have any knowledge about what was going on or not?” the host asked.

“President Obama began the whole conversation because he sent someone to me as a middleman, a mediator — not unusual in politics — on the night he was elected president to say that he’d like to talk about his choice for the Senate and to see what I might be willing to ask for,” Blagojevich replied.

“[It was] political horse-trading, not what those corrupt prosecutors said it was.” [Bizpacreview]

He added that the mediator was Tom Balanoff, “a big union leader” who the records show spoke at the 2008 Democrat National Convention on behalf of Obama.

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You can watch the videos below:

It’s crazy for anyone to think Obama wasn’t involved in this someway. It was his Senate seat, for crying out loud.

Now, the big question is – will there be an investigation?

Or will this be yet another situation where the elite Deep State liberals get away with “murder?”


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