This is becoming a new trend…violent and unhinged globalist progressives are destroying voter registration booths in an attempt to suppress Republican voters using fear and intimidation.

You’ll recall an anti-Trump liberal mowed down a voter registration booth in Flordia recently, claiming that he felt he had to “take a stand” against President Trump. The media has been virtually silent on the politically-motivated attack.

Now we’re hearing of another story that shares some key similarities to the Florida story.

Should Trump Label ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization?

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Rabid liberals attacked a Republican voter registration and information booth in California.

The violent incident occurred on the campus of UC Santa Cruz.

Independent investigative journalist Andy Ngo reported on the incident via his Twitter account.

You can watch the video below:

Trust me, the mainstream media will not report on this incident either.

They’ll keep pushing the tired old moldy lie that President Trump and his supporters are out there causing hate and division.

Please spread the word, because it’s working. The tide has turned and Americans are realizing who the real violent scumbags are.


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