A video of a 9-year-old bullied Australian boy went viral after his mother posted it on social media.

The boy’s name is Quaden Bayles and he suffers from Achondroplasia dwarfism. The video is heartwrenching, as the boy cries and says that he wants to “die” due to the bullying.

A Gofundme was started for the little boy and in just 2-days has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for him and his family.

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“Quaden’s feeling the love and now he needs a good rest,” his mother said in a statement Thursday night. “We are meeting with the appropriate people in power to make changes and make a stand against bullying.”

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You can watch the original video below:

However, as sad as that video is, some are now questioning its authenticity, after new info has emerged showing the child is an “actor” and a “social media influencer” and appears to come from a rather wealthy family.

A rumor started that he was actually 18-years-old. Honestly, I don’t believe that’s true.

However, he does appear to be an actor and influences based on his social media footprint.

There are also videos and pictures of him with very large wads of (Australian) cash.

I’ll share the info and comments from people below and you be the judge:

“did anyone else see this about #QuadenBayles was it alll just a scam for his acting carrerr? i also heard hes 18 years old? this would really be some shit.. i hope this isnt true cuz bulling isnt something to make money or clout from .. im confused”

“Does anyone actually do their homework anymore? We’ve all seen the Quaden Bayles viral video of his alleged bullying. However, the kid is a working actor & is known to be problematic at his school. These are photos from his IG & a parent’s response. ”

“There’s going to be more to this story  #QuadenBayles”

“So I just took a look at this kid #QuadenBayles’ Instagram account and acting profile. I’m not saying he isn’t getting bullied, but are we 100% sure his parents aren’t just pimping him out for money?”

“When you check the trending page and see the kid getting bullied has played the whole of Twitter and made 300k from it”

“Waking up seeing an equal mix of support & hate after I posted #QuadenBayles is a fraud makes me understand why our world is messed up. Look him & family up they have been doing this for years. Then tell me it’s ok for a child to act like him. He’s not a victim.”

Of course, this child can be an actor and a social media influencer and come from a well-off family and still be bullied.

I  think what happens though, is that people get nervous when major pieces of the story don’t come out until after hundreds of thousands of dollars are donated.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to wait a couple of days and see how a story unfolds before you donate money. You can always share love and compassion anytime, for free, though.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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